ECWFJ Dan JoshEvery Wednesday evening in the warmer months, flow artists and jugglers gather at GG's Global Dance and Arts Studio at1450 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062

This event is no longer at East Cobb Park.

Come watch and participate -- poi spinning, hooping, juggling, staff spinning, etc. -- perform, practice and learn new skills. Facebook page has all the details. All fire performers must attend safety class and sign a waiver.

This event is not run by the Atlanta Jugglers Association but our members attend and support it. If you have questions or concerns, contact the admins on the Facebook page.

WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION THAT IS NO LONGER AT EAST COBB PARK! WE HAVE NEW RULES, READ ALL BELOW INFORMATION:Our new location is at GG's Global Dance Studio on Roswell Road, pretty directly off exit 263 on I-75. In your GPS, direct it to take you to the 120 Tavern on Roswell Road. The address above is the correct address for the Dollar General, or you can just search "dollar general roswell road" in Google Maps, or Waze. They are right next to each other so don't worry about the walk, we just have no parking at the studio due to us using it for fire spinning.

**100% SOBER AND FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT, ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS**The owner of the property is very supportive of our 100% sober and family friendly event. One of the reasons she's even allowing us to use the space is because we are that way. That being said, anyone not following this rule will be REMOVED from the event. I REPEAT, IF YOU ARE NOT SOBER, YOU WILL BE REMOVED. Since we are on private property now, we have the option of legally removing you from the property. I will not hesitate to involve the police this time around if I have to. Keep that in mind.

**WE ARE A LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT**Another reason we are allowed to use the space is because we leave absoluelty zero trash behind, we should even leave it cleaner than when we arrived. There is a dumpster on this property that can hold more than we need. Again just like the park there is no excuse for leaving your trash, clean up after yourself.

**WE CAN STILL SPIN FIRE BUT THE SAME RULES APPLY FROM BEFORE**We can spin fire, HOWEVER, what does this mean for you?

  • If you wish to spin fire, and this is your first time at the flow jam, PLEASE COME EARLY and make yourself known. We like to get to know our performers before you are allowed to lite up
  • You must sign a waiver and you will be required to take a safety class that we will hold every week.
  • YOU MUST WEAR 100% COTTON, if you aren't in 100% cotton or another organic material, you will not be allowed to spin.- Bring your own fuel please, no fuel no spin. It's 8 dollars a gallon now, help us out by bringing your own.

**PLEASE BRING FOLD OUT CHAIRS AND POP UP CANOPIES**We have no grass anymore, and shade is very limited. So finding ways to stay out of the sun is going to get interesting. Since parking is close you can bring your fold out chairs and canopies. Remeber we can't stake them down though so keep that in mind on windy days.

**BRING WATER FOR YOURSELF AND EXTRA FOR OTHERS IF YOU CAN**There is a sink to fill up bottles if you are okay with tap water, otherwise please bring water. We can never have too much water.