2024 winnersCompetition for the famous PHIL award happens Saturday. The Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band opens the show. The juggling competition is a free show and lasts about an hour and a half. The judges confer after all the competitors finish and we award the trophies at the end of the show.

The PHIL trophies for 2024 were All-Star Special, Best All-the-Way, and Flippin' Phenomenal.

Registered jugglers and audience have a chance to win some great raffle prizes during the show/competition. Jugglers get a raffle ticket with their registration. Everyone can buy raffle tickets at the registration desk.

Rules for the juggling competition are simple -- each competitor has 4 minutes, anything goes (NO FIRE!). Judges are selected from the audience and their only qualification is "no knowledge of juggling".

Each competitor must be registered for the festival. They sign up and pay for the competition before the cut-off time which is noon on Saturday (or when 10 have signed up). The first 10 competitors are guaranteed a slot, we have two stand-bys in case someone drops out last minute--if show time allows, we let all 12 compete but cannot guarantee the stand-bys. Sign-up starts at 10 AM on Saturday at the registration desk. No sign-ups on Friday night.

Time limit is 4 minutes. Presentation must be on the stage which is (unfortunately) carpeted and there must be juggling (manipulating more objects than hands used) at least once in the 4-minute routine.

Music on a thumb-drive (mp3 format) must be presented when you register for the competition on Saturday morning. Remember this is a family event and choose appropriate music for children to hear. Read this article How to Keep your Music from Ruining your Performance. If you have any questions about music This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

At the end of the competition the three judges retire for a maximum of 10 minutes to decide three winners. Judges assign the appropriate category (Most Amazing, Most Stupendous, Most Spectacular, etc -- changes every year) to the winner. See the list of all PHIL trophy winners.