hoopsOn Saturday and Sunday afternoon several workshops will be hosted by AJA club members and guests. There will be a list posted near the registration area. We are adding more workshops as we book them.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to teach a workshop or request a workshop. If there's something you want to learn, just ask at the registration table and we'll try to find someone to teach an impromptu workshop.

Here is a list of the 2017 workshops. Click on the workshop name to see the description.

Saturday 12 noon -- Contact Juggling 101 by Graham Daniel

A guided tutorial for Novice-level Contact Jugglers. Learn the basics of Contact juggling including: Basics of Body Rolls, Palm Spinning, and Isolations

Saturday 4 PM -- Juggling 101 - Learn to Juggle 3 Balls by Thomas Barrett

Have you always thought you weren't coordinated enough to juggle? WRONG!!! We can teach you. All it takes is a willingness to learn and practice. A guided tutorial for Novice-level Jugglers. Learn the basics of juggling including: Juggling vs. Object Manipulation, Proper stance & posture, One ball tossing, Two & Three ball foundational patterns, as well as HOW to practice & improve your juggling overall.

We'll have plenty of balls for everyone to use. You don't need to bring anything but a smile and a desire to learn!

Saturday 4 PM -- How to Win a PHIL by Richard Kennison

Richard Kennison has taught thousands of people how to juggle. He has been the juggling coach at Circus Harmony for two decades. He has coached award winning jugglers many from a young age- including Book Kennison, Casey Boehmer, The St. Louis Arches, Tony Pezzo, Thom Wall, Kellin Quinn, Ashley Ellis, Christopher Haaser, Zak MaCallister, and Delaney Bayles.

In 2012 the International Juggling Association presented Richard with the Excellence in Education Award. In 2016 the IJA presented Richard with the Bobby May Award for Coaching. Richard has coached 15 "Phil" award winning acts at the Groundhog Day Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information visit Juggling Coach Richard on Face Book.

Saturday 5 PM -- Bounce Juggling 101 by DrewBob Ford

We'll start with the basic cascade, forward and reverse. We'll talk about different throws and catches, and go on to showers, double bounces, and beyond. It's not just air juggling upside-down; it's a different world.

Saturday 5 PM -- Intro to Contact Staff #1 by Krisstina Hawks

Loaner props are available at no cost. In this FUNdamentals class we will learn what is called a "Horizontal Steve". This move will teach students basic elements of contact staff. It is broken down into easily accessible pieces, in a way that leads easily to intermediate variations and transitions. Students familiar with the Steve can learn these transitions in this class. No experience necessary.

Saturday 6 PM -- Poi 101 by Graham Daniel

A guided tutorial for Novice-level Poi Spinners. Learn the basics of Poi Spinning including: 2 & 3 Beat Weave, The Butterfly, Flowers, Isolations, Stalls and Intro to Technical Spinning. We'll have plenty of poi for everyone to use. You don't need to bring anything but a smile!

Saturday 6 PM -- Basic Club Tricks by Don Lewis

Once you've learned the three club cascade, it is time to learn a few simple tricks. Even if your cascade is still a bit wobbly, you can learn the basics of adding tricks. Each trick will be demonstrated and broken down into easy to practice steps that start with one club and move up to three.

Depending on the time available, the following tricks will be covered: under-the-leg, over the top, doubles, behind-the-back, under-the-arm, flourishes, thumb rolls.

Don Lewis learned to juggle at the tender age of 45 and has been having fun juggling ever since. He is a member of Les Jongleurs Associés du Québec and has been on the Board of the IJA. Currently he edits the IJA's eNewsletter.

Saturday 6 PM -- Beginning Siteswaps by Eric Shibuya

Class will cover basic concepts of siteswaps, how to think about siteswaps, and how to generate "new" siteswaps without a computer.

Saturday 7 PM -- Intro to Dragon Staff by Krisstina Hawks

Loaner props are available at no cost. The first 20 minutes is used to teach the most FUNdamental dragon staff move - the Forward Chi Roll. The remaining time will be used to show students how to maintain the continuous roll in a variety of moves related to contact staff. No experience necessary.

Saturday 7 PM -- 3-Ring Tricks by DrewBob Ford

Learn spins, overheads, pancakes, lots of tricks with 3 rings.

Saturday 8 PM -- Hoops by Micah

Learn to hoop on and off the body. Manoeuvers will help create spacial depth and plane awareness. Participants will find physical fitness benefits, meditation qualities and entertainment from introduction to hooping workshop of 30-45 minutes. Instructor will help individuals one-on-one after class on interested moves.