On Saturday during the festival several jugglers compete for the infamous PHIL trophy. Here are the locations of the festival and winners from past years. Click on the year for the story of the each year's festival (some with pictures).

Here are the photos of the PHIL trophy winners and festival shirts from many years. Click on the little "info" button on the top right to see the year and names for each picture.

32 2010 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Astonishing Ashley Ellis
  Most Dumbfounding Andrew Ruiz
  Most Flabbergasting Ted Joblin
  Mouse Award Alan Tidwell
33 2011 Yaraab Shrine Center  
  Most Terrific Heather Marriott and Neil Jordan
  Most Superb Austin Bruckner
  Most Awesome David Ferman
  Mouse Award Judy Thompson
34 2012 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Marvels Kellin Quinn
  Most Superb Dan Brown
  Most Fabulous Lucian Fuller
  Mouse Award Jerry "Freehugs" Taylor
35 2013 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Pleasing Chauncey Kroner
  Most Fabulous Drew Brown
  Most Wonderful Chase Martin
  Mouse Award Jay Jones
36 2014 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Outstanding Delaney Bayles
  Most Terrific Brandon Zaballero
  Most Stupendous Dan Brown
  Mouse Award Keith Watson
37 2015 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Breathtaking Circus Harmony
  Most Special David Cain
  Most Jawdropping Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth
  Mouse Award Hal Baird
38 2016 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Amazing Keith McNeil
  Most Inspirational Delaney Bayles
  Most Astronomical Liam Halstead
  Mouse Award Don Lewis and Jen Jackman
39 2017 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Swell Zak McAllister
  Most Fantabulous Sean Petric
  Most Kewl Cameron Ritter
  Mouse Award Ray and Pat Stern
40 2018 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Awe Inspiring Brian Koenig
  Mind Bending Houston Odum
  Breath Taking Chuck Clark
  Be The Band Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band
  Mouse Award Walter Beals
41 2019 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Crackin' Phenomenal Chuck Clark
  Spiffilicious Kira DiPietrantonio
  Whiz Bang Josh Romeo
  Mouse Award Spencer and Shivella Schwab
42 2020 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Gravity Slayer Andrew Kaefer
  Most Enlightning LilyRuth Mamary and Scott Raison
  Most Illuminating Nash Abrahams
  Mouse Award Brandon Ross
43 2021 Online Video  
  Mouse Award Craig Lewis
44 2022 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Jugglicious David DiMuzio
  Jest Sublime LilyRuth Mamary
  Brilliantly Foolish Nikolai Marshall
  Mouse Award Andrew Austin
45 2023 Yaarab Shrine Center  
  Most Sensational Atticus Abraham
  Most Groovy Harry Charles & Harrison Kendree
  Most Dazzling Ben and Shelby Lipman
  Mouse Award Dan Howard