Atlanta, GA Jan 25-27, 2019 at the Yaraab Shrine Center

Artwork for t-shirt, nametags and trophies by Brandon Ross

Festival report by Charles Shapiro

Photos of the 2019 festival by Joyce Howard and others

Videos of the 2019 festival by Andrew Austin, Official Videographer and assistant Christina Holt

Videos of the 2019 festival by others



Director - Spencer Schwab

Combat Director - Lao Alovus

Games Winners

  • 3-Ball Simon Says - Christian Kloc (Washington DC)
  • Blind Juggling - Aaron Shojinaga (Charlotte NC)
  • Quarters - Christian Kloc (Washington DC)
  • 5-Club Endurance - Austin Bruckner (Davidson NC)
  • Club Balancing - Chuck Clark (Detroit MI)
  • Club Crown - Jacob Tillman (Tallahassee FL)
  • 7-Club Passing - David Ferman (Tallahassee FL) and Dan Howard (Smyrna GA)
  • Huggling - Christian Kloc and Max Poff (Atlanta GA)
  • Club Combat - Chuck Clark (Detroit MI)
  • Ball Combat - Max Poff (Atlanta GA)



Director - Dan Howard

Judges Wrangler - Kelly Hoyt

Timer - Jerry FreeHugs Taylor


  • AlidaSilverman
  • Ben Smith
  • Laura Piff

Sound - Craig Lewis, Keith Watson & Hal Baird

MC - Lucy Eden

The Pitch (Hat) - Lucy Eden


  • Noah Royak (St. Petersburg FL)
  • Josh Romeo (Woodstock GA)
  • Cate Great Flaherty (Cambridge MA)
  • Nash Abrahams (Livonia MI)
  • Chuck Clark (Allen Park MI)
  • Kira DiPietrantonio (Philadelphia PA)
  • Copper Santiago (New York City NY)

2019 PHIL trophy winners
2019 PHIL Groundhog trophy winners

  • Crackin' Phenomenal - Chuck Clark
  • Spiffilicious - Kira DiPietrantonio
  • Whiz Bang - Josh Romeo



Director - Bruce Plott

Sound - Craig Lewis

MC - Jenny Juggler (Jennifer Oberhauser)

Cabaret Acts

  • Kenny Toombs - contact juggling
  • Luke Davis - sang theme song from Xanadu
  • Lucy Eden - unicycling and balancing sword
  • Thomas Bednarski and Denise Beck - partner poi
  • Christian Kloc - ball bouncing
  • Meredith Gordon - sang and played ukelele
  • Jenny Juggler with son and daughter - sang, played ukelele, balanced and juggled
  • Meike Fromm - juggled cleaning supplies
  • Jay Jones presented Mouse Award to Spencer & Shivella Schwab
  • Cristina Holt - hats
  • Mike Hayataka - hoops
  • Cate Great Flaherty - rolla bolla stack
  • Seth, Teresa and Nash Abrahams - unicycling and balance on chair

 2019cabaretDSC 9740c500

Vendors and Sponsors

  • Circus Camp
  • The Complete Fool
  • Face painting by Anne Rohr and Kani Richards
  • Kendama USA
  • Wallace Howard (donated 13 IJA memberships)
  • Chuck Lazarow (donated nametags, wristbands and posters)
  • Flying Clipper
  • Food Vendor selling chicken skewers, chicken teriyaki, fried rice, and snacks. For drinks: Bubble tea, Thai tea, sodas, water
  • Hello Fresh


More Festival Volunteers

Trophies - Walter Beals and Spencer Schwab

Registration - Shivella Schwab, Jen Jackman, Brenda McClain, Jenny Paradis-Hager, Justin Mullins, Sarah Reed, Dan Howard, Michael Black

Treasurer - Jay Jones

House Manager - Alan Tidwell

Setup and Takedown Helpers - Don Lewis, Graham Daniel, Justin Mullins, Charles Shapiro, Dave Altman and others

Publicity - Ray Stern, Joyce Howard

Festival Booklet - Joyce Howard, Andrew Austin, Keith Watson

Vendors Coordinator - Joyce Howard

Raffle - Amanda Miller, Justin Mullins, Joyce Howard

Maté and Snacks Manager - Bruce Plott

Kids Korner & Historians - Ray and Pat Stern, volunteers from Chamblee High School National Honor Society

Forms, Signs, Posters - Keith Watson, Jenny Paradis-Hager, Andrew Austin, Ray Stern, Max Bouret

Parking - volunteers from Chamblee High School National Honor Society

Post Festival Dinner Coordinator & Festival Reporter - Charles Shapiro

Workshops Coordinator - Caroline

Cabaret Ticket Takers - Greg McMahon, Josh Spaugh