Bill GiduzBill Giduz is an extremely important figure in the juggling community around the world. His contributions are many, varied, and of great importance. Bill is universally credited as the inventor of the sport of Joggling, where track and long-distance races are run while juggling. Bill started joggling in 1975 and brought that activity to the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) in 1980. He organized and ran the races for many years at the IJA as the Joggling Director and took the sport to many other regional festivals as well. The sport of joggling is recognized by the Guinness World Record Book and continues as a part of the annual IJA Festival.

joggling race at IJA festivalBill became an IJA Board member in the 1970s and served in various capacities over the next several decades, including working as the Affiliates Director, Joggling Director, and heading up World Juggling Day celebrations. In 1979, Bill Giduz started publishing the IJA newsletter, which evolved into Juggler's World Magazine. Bill served as editor of Juggler’s World from 1981 to 1997, working to connect jugglers around the world. His work with Juggler's World showcased with his immense talent as a writer and photographer. He served as IJA President from 1985 to 1987. Bill received the IJA Extraordinary Service Award in 1993.

Bill was one of the founders of the Atlanta Jugglers Association and was the first secretary in 1977. He researched and obtained the Phil trophies for the Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival from 1979 to 2017. Even after moving away, Bill continued to support and attend the Groundhog Day festival and bring the trophies with him each year.

Lake Norman Jugglers 2014In 1980 Bill moved to Davidson NC to work as the Director of Media Relations at Davidson College. He brought his love for juggling with him and joined the Charlotte Jugglers and the Lake Norman Jugglers. He helped organize the Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival at Davidson for over two decades. He also established a yearly survey of Davidson College students to find what percentage of them could juggle. Bill retired from Davidson College in 2017.

Giduz with cameraBill served as a photographer at many juggling festivals for decades, recording wonderful memories that are still enjoyed and appreciated today.

Bill lives in Davidson NC with his wife Ellen.

Article by David Cain and Joyce Howard, Sept 2023

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